Listening to this CD, blown away with it! My fave are #3, #5, # 7 and I adore this version of # 8 a perrennial favorite! More than any other time, I have to you live! Thanks for sharing with us. PS I'm blasting it on FB and Twitter sent with link to this site.

Stay blessed and making our music :)

we heard a wonderful rendering of 'what a wonderful world' attributed to brandon mccune, in a dance performance by camille a brown. is there a recording available?
we loved it!!! thank you so much.

Allegra Scott-graham

Brandon...your music is soothing to the soul...yes ...the world is blessed by your mind goes back to the first day I saw you at the piano... (Phyliss and Larry are childhood friends)...Phyliss propped you up to the piano and you played. I knew then you were destined to be great...little did I know just how GREAT...Brandon you are skilled and anonted to play jazz...your spirit has touched our home..we are ordering our first McCune CD with the expectations of more to come...Love you

Hola, nos conocimos en España, en el festival de jazz de valencia con nnena frelon, cenamoc juntos, por fin ire a new york y me gustaria tomar unas clases contigo. te hablo en español porque se que entiendes perfectamente. bueno mandame un telefono de contacto para cuando este en New york podamos concretar unas clases, un abrazo y muchos exitos.

I can't wait for the album release!

If your ever in NY or LA please let me know I like to come here you play

I heard you at Dizzys. You knocked me out! That extended blues that you did with the trio was great and so origional. You have a new fan.


Brandon................Dude, Im loving your work!! All I can say is Im so Proud of your accomplishments. Keep doing your thang ....And may God's favor forever fall on you and yours:)) Peace and Love Cina

YOU ARE DOPE!!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! God Bless you and your family!

i just wanted to say thanks for everything so far that youve done for our music production class. I look up to you. As a mentor. I JUst hope i willbecome as great as you are one day.

Your student
Malcolm Clark

I have been listening to your link all day. This music is relaxing and very nice to play in the office and no one will be offended. I praise God for your gift! I received the link from Pastor Ballard. God Bless and Grace and Peace.

Brandon, where do I begin. I am listening to "Infant Eyes" and it is BEAUTIFUL. I normally do not listen to jazz, but this is...words cannot describe this msic. I knew you where talented but this, this is beyond talent. This is a GIFT! I can truly say that I am proud of you. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

Look bro...I got to get you down here in Chicago for a concert or praise and worship concert. Its good to see you blessed! The favor of the Lord is upon you. Hit me whenever you get a chance (815)501-9202

Hi my name is Ivelisse and I am in your fathers class Larry McCune at Mozart School.Your father is very talented today two kids in my class warned him he was going to hit the door but he didnt listen right after the first girl in line said dont get hit it was so funny I couldnt even believe it.Well good bye and your father is doing well.Good bye.

I love this music and the pictures - very nice website.


Mr McCune, its with much pleasure that I met you and I will forever e grateful for your help, support, motivation and most importantly working with me. God bless.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments brother, continue to be blessed and Happy New Year!

Brandon!!! I remember you from Busch Campus at Rutgers. I had my alto and tons of records in my dorm room... we used to listen to Lee Morgan Herbie Art Blakey, Jackie Mac, Miles and Coltrane. Still trying to play trumpet?? Either way you're the man......All the Best, Carmen T.

I hope you dont leave our school we learned so much these past few weeks. NO one wants you to leave Newark tech. We have grown attached to you and if you leave we would cry sike nah but for real it would hurt our feeelings because iits like we are taking 5 steps back with what we have learned.

watsup teacher

You are my new, but really, you are such a talented musician and I appreciate you supporting me...we need more folks like you (I think!! =) Anyway, keep doing what you are doing and take your time on this journey of are destined to be even greater!
Peace and Blessings

I am so proud of you, Brandon! What fantastic accomplishments!
Your OLD paino teacher


Brandon - see you on July 3rd in the park! Look forward to it!

Hey man,
It was great havin' you up here in Winnipeg, I hope we get to chill again. I hope everything was cool gettin' back to Jersey.
Peace C

Whats up bro? How is the tour? Hit me up man,

Talk to you soon,

Praise God. I just got a link to your site from Rev. Ballard. God is truly blessing you! I did not know that you give lessons. Well I am truly interested. I was teh musician at Wells Chapel. God Bless you, and hope to hear from you soon!

Jason Mosley

It was my pleasure working with such an accomplished musician as yourself, talk to you soon........and thanks for the inspiration!!!.

I went to your concert in Valladolid (Spain) 2 years ago... I love ur music.
I played the piano with u.
Regards from Spain :)

Lovely stuff, Bruh. Give thanks and praises.
Peace amd Guidance


Brandon, I met you only once at Allen A.M.E. Church (Barbara Holloman is my cousin) and knew then by watching you play you were very talented. I wish you much success. Jazz happens to be my favorite kind of music.Your music is beautiful and I cant wait for your CD to come out. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Hay B, I see everythings great with you and yours.Just wanna say,very very happy to know you and your family.You have been a huge blessing to me and mine.Keep grinding B, a GRAMMY WILL BE IN YOUR HANDS SHORTLY. GOD BLESS. K Lewis. P.S. not because you said so, because I TRUELY BELIEVE SO.

Just emailing to say thanks for the opportunity and plasure to play with you. also thanks for the advice. I hope we can get together in the future and play sometime, peace.

When I look at you (via your site) and all you've grown to be and do... I just say WOW!!!!
God (continue) to bless you and yours.

Love, Gwen Downing

God bless you, your family and your music. It's wonderful! Ms. B.

Looking over the website, I saw all of the nice things you have done and said. Keep up the good works. Love, Dero

Wow, you are the BOMB! I love listening to your music. Brandon you are so talented and I am glad that you are a part of our family. There couldn't have been a better addition ( I mean excluding Mecadon and Chloe). Thanx for loving my sister so well.

"Proud" doesn't begin to speak to how I feel when I see all this in regards to you!! I knew from the day of the ticking clock (maybe even sooner) that you would do great things. You are a true example of God's goodness. Keep your hand in God's hand and you will always reach your mark. God bless you and your lovely family.

Brandon......MY SOUL......I am so proud of you. You had your eye on a goal and never let it go. The site is wonderful and my GOD the tracks are awesome. Keep on doing what you're doing!!!!!! I will be praying for you and wish you nothing but the best......Love ya

I am so happy to be listening to your music and admiring your web site at work. People are asking, "Who is that playing so beautifully from your PC?" I am proud to say I know him and he is a blessing to know; Continue to let Gods light shine thru your music. It is my honor and pleasure to learn from and listen to you.

Be Blessed

As a consumer, the site is very easy to navigate .. and it is fun..!
I am not confused and the color scheme puts a nice ambiance to it . I do not feel like I am going to get a epeleptic seizure from the site.

The music is awsome (still waiting for you to record that doxology) It is and will continue to be an honor knowing you, learning from you, and playng the bass with you.

yo! b-mac on the case

Peace Brother Brandon:

I just wanted to say that I enjoy your music and that your website is great. From one musician to another, I think that the work that you are doing is very importatnt and I do hope that you keep it up. I am looking forward to hearing your cd and seeing you perform with Nnenna at the Kennedy Center here in D.C. It will be good to see your wife, Christine again as we were schoolmates at Duke Ellington (she was a friend of my wife, Devyn). God Bless you and your musical journey.

God has truly raised up a TRUE servant in you. The site is BANGIN!!. Keep up the great work. Bless you and your Family. Love Ya!!!

Sounds good, looks good, must be Brandon McCune.

whats up man. the site is off the hook, good to see you doing well man, hopefully we (the fams) can all get together sometime soon. keep holding it high.


Well Griot,

Like I said, time to spread the message. Music is God's love with chord and key changes. Safe travels troubadour!

Hey Big brother.

Your son is adorable. Congratulations on the family. I never thought it would happen. hahahahaha

Wow. I have been so blessed by your talent, your ministry, and your dedication to teaching others how to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. I am proud to call you teacher.

Brandon your website is amazing!! The rich combination of jazz, contermporary, gospel, and opera iput together so uniquely brings the essence of music to life. I am overwhelmed and extremely overjoyed at the tremendous success you have accomplished , I always knew that you would make it big even from back in the days at the ( BOP Shop). You have always been a tremendous inspiration and mentor to me and I am happy to see that you are able to let your light shine throughout the world. Congratulations to you and your wife on your beautiful new baby boy. Continue to be Blessed while also being a Blessing to others.
Peace, Love, and all that Jazz.
Your cousin Maurice

Brandon- This is phenomenal music. Your cousin, Jeffrey McCune, sent me to the site and said, "I think you may be a new fan." It was a prescient observiation -- you sound great. Get back home to Chicago for a gig soon. -Rob

Brandon, From the very first day I met you in my office , I knew you had great things in you. When I sat and listened you play "How Great Thou Art" I was so moved and that confirmed what I knew then...that you are not only great but are also humble and blessed. I am very glad to have met you and your wife. You two are an inspiration to me. God bless you and keep on letting those fingers do the playing.

The site is wonderful. Congrats. brother! Keep swingin'. Hey, more family pictures please!

What can I say my Brother? I knew it was coming. The world had better get ready! As Israel said, "It's a New Season, It's a New Day, a fresh anointed is coming your way!" Be Blessed, and Keep the Light Up!

Well Hello,

Love the site from the background color (I know purple is your favorite) to the evolution of your sound & hair styles! :) Congrats!

Hi Cousin,

Your site is great. I'm so proud of you. I wish you much success and happiness. Keep spreading the gift of music.

Brandon you are truly a blessing. I thank God for placing people like you In my path. You and your Christine are such an Inspiration to me. I want to personally say to you keep up the good work Brandon, I have only known you and Christine for a short period of time but It seems like a lifetime. I love you both.

The site looks good and I'm lookig forward to meeting you in the near future. Take care of the family and keep making good music. (Hint, I need some for my iPod)

Big AL

Hey Couso! This is an awesome site. The music is a great showcase, good choice of self-portraits, and spectacular color choice. Indeed, purple is the choice color--Go Northwestern. But moreso, go our childhood! Wishing you much success. My personal favorite--as well as that of many i have sent to your website--"Where There Is Prayer!" The clubfolks need that one. As the world out here needs your musical genious, cousin. Peace

Brandon this is such a blessing. I truly thank God for our lives being able to cross at this point in my journey. You and your wife are such an inspiration to my wife Layne and I. Much Agape Love and continue success in all that God has you doing. You are a Blessed & Anointed Man of God
GB ( GodBless)

Great site. I can't wait to see how it continues to develop. Please add more music to showcase your work.

I really like your website. I feel so honored to know you. Keep up the good work its coming out great . You are truly talented and blessed.

What a beautiful expression of your devotion to the work you love so much. I suppose you chose the color purple as a representation of where you abide in this universe. You left one thing out in your Bio. You're an amazing man of God and the Just Cause Concerts that bring together churches in NJ to work with you "Just Because" we can. Just because you care enough to bring us together on one accord in praise and worship.

May you always be blessed and surely blessed indeed. I am one of you biggest fans and hope to visit one of your concerts in the future.
Your Soror and friend

The site looks good. Your itinerary looks brutal, so you better take some good pictures before all those trips :-)

love you, your other mother

Congratulations. This is wonderful. God bless you.